Monday, March 2, 2009

back frum school! *wow ima bad spelur*

Hi my hoes im back from school! There is this new guy in school named Zac and he is so weird! he is in my ummm english,social studies,spanish,lunch,and on my bus. and whats to weird is this perv sterling left today (he came like 3 weeks ago) and then a new kid comes! so weird.

anyway onto a new more painful part of my day.... lunch .... me and my besties were kicking and throwing and punching each other with books for who knows what reason! and i was on the oposite side of the table so most of it went to me! yea. kirstin slammed her hand against my face and my eye so that throbs and so i hit her nose so she hiit me with a book. becky kicked me and yea kicked me mor so i pinched her and shit.

in english our overhead projecter thing blew up and it started smokeing! it was histarical!

just when i thought i had all the wierd i could take for one day as me and kirstin are walking to the bus and kirstin yells OMG SHIT! and the sound bounces off the busses and ecoes for like 2 minutes! haha funny wierd shit!

kirstin (left) Me (right)becky sherbert

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