Tuesday, March 17, 2009

book review

i have been asked to review twilight and what else is there to say but OMG SO GREAT? well il just say its got a great story line and any person who dosent read it is a jerk. any whoo. Thats a cool word. any whoo! haha any way i read twilight a hundread times over then i read midnight sun and thought it was time to re read twilight and when you read it after you have read mid night sun you see twilight from a whole diferent point of view. you actually know what bella says in her sleep, what he does when hes not with her (for example: Carlisle kills the guys who were trying to harrass bella) also you know what everyone else is thinking. like what angela thinks of bella. and you really start to relize wait but hes almost 100 years old. thats kinda weird... and you also know way more things than you do with bellas perspective. any way have fun and read twilight!!

my fav quote

Have fun, be safe!

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