Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How today actually went ** read last post**

1. didnt trip on the bus
2. talked to kirstin
3. got a 79 on a social studies quiz
4. rememberd to go to the library in english
5. made a birdii in art
6. did a lab in science
7. read in study hall
8. went to spanish
9. had lunch woah lunch!
10. went to chorus uhhhg
11. went to math and used graphical paper
12. went home
13. read a book
14. watched gilmore girls (i dont really like it but it was the only thing on)
15. had dinner (sorta) if you call a peice of french toast dinner
16. washed dishes
17. got on the computer
18. typed up a blog
19. typed #19

yeas thats preety much how every day goes minus the reading. i just had a major headache cuz when i got home Sam Gossin was here and hes a major jack ass. (pardon my french) lol

1 comment:

  1. haha elise. you forgot to eat a cheezit! how dare you!