Sunday, March 22, 2009

Twilight DVD review

overall I would have to say I was disapointed with the movie. It strayed so far from the book. Especially in the medow. They are suposed to be talking about eachother and that never happend. Also they never once said to each other "i love you" that part really got me. kristen stewart didnt even look like she loved him. All she talks about is his perfection (his body) she says once in her head that she loved him in so many words but Edward just said so the lion fell in love with the lamb and you are my life now. thats as close as it came to i love you in the whole movie. the one thing i did like about the movie was the actors for james and victoria. Cam Gigandet (James) and Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria) are 2 of the three nomads or "bad vamps" they did such a great job with the evil act. I was blown away. Robert Pattinson was a good choice for Edward but not the best. They could have choosen a more "expirensed" actor but either way he did a great job. I think Kristen Stewart was absolutly the WORST choice for bella well maybe im exajerating a bit but she was not the best choice for the job. Her eyes kept wandering off somewere else. now i dont know if she was suposed to do that but it was weird. she also has her mouth open the whole movie. i mean whats up with that? :D was she too blown away by robs sexyness? if so i dont blame her. lol now onto Jacob Black. Jacob Black (Taylor Launter) was probably the best choice for Jacob. He plays the part well and I look forward to seeing him in new moon. Next up is Billy Burk. Bellas father Charlie yes was a good choice. He plays a father who dosnt hover and thats exactly what he played. Sahra Clark plays Renee. She looks exactly how i pictured her in the book. Even though she is not in the movie for more than 2 or 3 seans she did a great job. Now onto my favorite charaters. Dr. and Mrs. Carlisle Cullen Peter Facinelle and Liz Reaser play the two adult figures of the Cullen family and they were fantastic! i love um! great job! i look forward to them in new moon. haha onto the funnyest looking character Jasper. He looks like hes constipated thruout the movie. so funny.
well the rest of the charaters.. Mike, Jessica, Eric, the rapists, stepheny meyer ect.. all did a great job but there parts in the movie were so minimal it would be a waste to write about each of them seperatly. so i hope you find this helpfull and engageing. have fun watching twilight.
Peace Love Twilight

have fun, be safe


I did forget to say i loved the movie. i was disapointed but i did love it! i bought the 2 disc special editon at walmart and i was up all night watching it over and over. then watching it with the audio commentary which was hilarious. anyway umm buy twilight... read the series... have fun and be safe especially with a vampire. we dont want the vultori comeing to kill you because you got busy with your vampire man now do we?

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